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Controlling the isolated operation of the Kaliningrad power grid will not affect the electricity supply of the Baltic States.

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An isolated operational test of the power grid of the Kaliningrad region of Russia was scheduled for September 24, but today it was announced that the test was canceled. With the news about this inspection, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas warned that the Baltic states should be prepared for power grid disruptions, while the operators of the Baltic states’ transmission systems assured that there was no cause for concern.

Representatives of the power transmission system operator JSC “Augstsprieguma tīkls” explain that during the review Kaliningrad’s power supply system is planned to be separated from the Lithuanian power grid, where it works in sync with the power grids of Russia and Belarus. A similar test was previously announced in June this year and was canceled days before the scheduled event. It should be noted that similar inspections have been carried out every year since 2019.

“Augstsprieguma tīkls”, according to information provided by Baltic transmission system operators

Since electricity, including for balancing purposes, is not purchased from Belarus and Russia, including the Kaliningrad region, the planned audit will not have an impact on the operation of the Baltic States’ electricity grid.

On the other hand, Tāvi Veskimegi, chairman of the board of Estonian transmission system operator “Elering”, reminds the press that the Baltic states have been preparing to withdraw from the Russian/Belarusian electricity system for years.

“However, we are now ready to quickly synchronize with the continental European frequency band so that the electricity consumer does not notice the changes if Russia disconnects us from the electricity system earlier.

To this end, we are collaborating with neighboring countries and local electricity producers to ensure a smooth transition from one power system to another.”

At the same time, representatives of the “Austsprieguma tīkls” state that in preparation for the planned synchronization of the Baltic States with continental Europe in 2025, isolated operational tests should be carried out by all interested parties.

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Historically, the Baltic States’ electricity system was formed as an integral part of Russia’s unified energy system and provides transit flows in the BRELL (English: Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) electricity ring. Synchronization of the Baltic states from this BRELL power supply loop is scheduled to be done by 2025.

In the Kaliningrad region of Russia, it was planned on Saturday to conduct an isolated operation of the power grid or a synchronization test of the power grids, during which the power supply system of the region will be disconnected from the frequency band of Russia and Belarus. Estonian and Lithuanian power transmission system operators “Elering” and “Litgrid” had previously reported that Russia is planning a 14-hour power outage, according to their information.

“Elering” and “Litgrid” also announced that during the network isolation test, the Baltic states will still be connected to the Russia and Belarus frequency band, but this will not significantly affect the stability of the networks of the Baltic countries. The operators also noted that the Baltic states are coordinating their actions in this regard.

Three synchronization tests have been conducted in the Kaliningrad region so far – 72 hours in 2019, eight hours in 2020, and eight hours last year. Such an inspection was also scheduled for June this year, but was cancelled.

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