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Death toll rises in protests in Iran, military threatens ‘enemies’

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Iran’s military said today on Friday that it will “face the enemies” to ensure security and peace in the country. He was taken into custody by the “police”.
Iranians staged nationwide demonstrations this week to protest the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Last year, he was arrested for wearing “inappropriate clothing”.
“These desperate actions are part of the enemy’s malicious strategy to weaken the country,” the army said in a statement. He added that he will “face the various plans of the enemies.”
Iranian media reported yesterday that 280 people were arrested during the protests on Thursday.
After the death of a young woman named Mahsa, who was arrested by the morality police in Tehran, the death toll in the protests in Iran and the clashes that took place a week ago rose to 36, according to the Government of a non-governmental organization. and then fell into a coma, under circumstances that were not clear before he died.
Iranian official media reported on Thursday that 17 people were killed, including security personnel.
The New York-based Iranian Center for Human Rights (ICHRI) reported that the death toll in the protests rose to 36.
The Oslo-based opposition NGO “Iranian Human Rights” said on Thursday that 31 people had died.
Mahsa Amini’s death led to strong condemnation and criticism from many countries and international NGOs. Suppression of protests with freedom chants and the overthrow of the regime.
Iranian woman arrested for wearing “inappropriate clothing”. Activists said he received a blow to the head, but Iranian officials denied this and said they were investigating the incident.
The protests included clashes between demonstrators and security forces, and demonstrators burned police vehicles and threw stones at them. According to Iranian media, the police responded with tear gas and arrested several people.
And videos that circulated showed demonstrators disfiguring or burning images of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Source: Alayam

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