Candidates for prime minister agree – labor taxes should be cut

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Photograph: Evija Trifanova / LETA

Labor taxes should be at least slightly lowered in Latvia and relaxed tax arrangements should be established for representatives of small businesses such as hairdressers and nannies at the prime minister candidates debate held by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce on Friday, 23 September. and Industry (LTRK) and Latvian Confederation of Employers (LDDK) party representatives.

Uldis Pīlēns, Prime Minister candidate of the “Unified List” (AS), expressed his commitment to simplify the conditions of small businesses and to encourage the reduction of the value-added tax rate for basic food, at least during this period. crisis.

Party associations “For / For Development!” (AP) Prime Minister candidate Artis Pabriks stressed the need to create a sense of stability for people, including businessmen, after several years of crisis. Reforms should also be pursued with slightly lower labor taxes – a position supported by two other candidates for the Prime Minister’s post. The EP politician stated that the energy price ceiling should be maintained in the short term.

Ainārs Šlesers, candidate for the head of government in tax matters of the “Latvia First” party (LPV), criticized the state’s current approach to conditions in which “small businesses are destroyed”.

Therefore, the LPV politician decided to set a patent fee of 10% of the revenue for his representatives, such as hairdressers and nannies.

The LPV politician pointed out that those in power should cooperate closely with the LTRK and LDDK, because entrepreneurs are tax earners. Shlesser said there should be another government meeting every week, for example on Wednesdays, where the next plan of action in the country will be decided together.

Answering the question that Latvia lagged behind Lithuania and Estonia, AS candidate Pīlēns emphasized that even in 2007 we were ahead of Poland in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

After that, our situation was no longer so good, and in the last two years the situation has deteriorated particularly noticeably when compared with our close allied countries, AS candidate pointed out.

Pīlēns stressed that at a time when Russia is at war with Ukraine and mobilizing troops, the Prime Minister must “continue” by leading the way in finding a solution. The AS politician stated that he felt we were approaching a major crisis, while the job of the head of government was particularly important.

Pabriks, the EP’s prime ministerial candidate, said that it hurts him as a Latvian patriot why he always has to report that better things are happening in Estonia and Lithuania. Emphasizing that these are the things we can change, Pabriks said, “We have already shown” how to do this in the field of defense, which is his responsibility as a minister.

The EP politician said that when it comes to running the government, it is important that the prime minister act like a leader and not put ministers before “beating” from the public.

Describing the effort of the Belarusian regime to put the people in Latvia into crisis as a bad or worst example, Pabriks said that the prime minister is not represented in the institution responsible for solving the problem.

AS candidate Pīlēns emphasized that it is necessary to ensure both military security and the security of those who pay for the shelter, so that they are not evacuated from their homes and are fed.

Source: Tv Net

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