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National Security Council convenes: North Korea launches ballistic missile at Japan and media

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Journalists write that the rocket flew over Japan. The country’s government said North Korea launched an intercontinental missile capable of flying 3,000 kilometers.

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North Korea launched a ballistic missile at Japan from the east coast. This is the first time since 2017 for Tokyo to issue a warning and urge residents to seek shelter, according to the Japan Times.

A weather alert was recorded in Izu, Hokkaid Islands, as well as Aomori Prefecture.

The report states that Japan’s Ministry of Defense later said that, as previously thought, the missile flew over the country and crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

Journalists reported that it looked like an intercontinental ballistic missile, citing Japanese government sources. Hirokazu Matsuno, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, stated at a hastily held press conference that the ballistic missile flew over the Tohoku region and is believed to have landed at 7:44 (local time) in the Pacific Ocean (local time) outside of Japan’s economic zone. It stretches 370 kilometers from the coast.

Matsuno said no damage has been reported from passing ships or aircraft so far.

The launch was reported to be the fifth in a week for North Korea.

Also, according to the newspaper, the South Korean military also confirmed that at least one ballistic missile was launched from the shores of the DPRK.

Previously Focus He wrote that North Korea continues to test ballistic missiles. Kim Jong-un’s main task is to create more effective weapons of mass destruction.

We also remember that an aircraft carrier came to South Korea to show strength. The Americans participated in large-scale military exercises.

It was also reported that Seoul has said that North Korea will self-destruct after a preemptive nuclear strike. Seoul wants to expand its capabilities to carry out a preemptive attack.

Source: Riafan

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