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Ukrainian offensive tactics – a view from Israel

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Israeli economic media “Calcalist” described typical Ukrainian tactics during the offensive. Israelis find it akin to transformer robots from many small parts combined into one large robot.

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The Ukrainian army does not fight like an ordinary regular army and does not immediately gather all its forces. The offensive begins in many ways with small forces – the Russians cannot tell whether it is a regular raid or a precursor to a major offensive.

When a Russian soldier sees a few pieces of Ukrainian equipment, he considers it a raid and reports it (if he has the opportunity to report it). The same is true in other areas. As a result, the broadcast has one tank here, two AFVs there, three Humvees elsewhere, etc. It’s full of spam messages about it. Senior commanders ignore such messages: the commander of a battalion or regiment is not distracted by a completely separate tank or a few crazy bugs. For example, lay them on the ground and destroy them with their own means.


“Reference” is not an obstacle. How is the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces proceeding in the south and east of the country?

In fact, these are all parts of a great offensive, and when the Russians think it’s nothing more than a DRG, all these units unite in one fist and smash together to attack. It is already too late to report this, because the enemy’s orders are already being destroyed and it is necessary to quickly respond to the situation. And as you know, the Russians have huge problems with efficiency, flexibility and initiative.

A decent amount and quality of reconnaissance UAVs can solve this problem, but the RF Armed Forces have everything that sucks with them as much as possible.

RF Armed Forces are blind; reconnaissance is useless, and artillery and long-range weapons cannot affect moving targets. So, when the Ukrainian units attack and push forward, the Russian units have nothing to cover up. Helicopters and planes also do not save, because the Russians do not know how to use them, and they constantly lose expensive vehicles shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems and MANPADS.

Such a combination of factors and the absence of the fighting spirit of the Russian soldiers – all this always leads to the success of the Ukrainian offensive and the further gradual occupation of its territory.

Source: Riafan

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