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The persecution continues. Taliban ban women from parks and gyms

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The Afghan Islamist movement, the Taliban, has banned women from entering gardens and amusement parks, and officials also reported that gyms are banned today, according to the AP agency. This is the latest crackdown on women’s and girls’ rights since the Taliban took power in the country last August.

The Taliban movement has so far banned the education of girls in the second grade of primary and secondary schools, women can only act covertly in public, are excluded from most jobs in public administration, and cannot travel alone outside of their cities.

A spokesperson for the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtues and the Prevention of Evil said the ban was in response to the lack of gender discrimination in society and the fact that some women do not wear the required hijab or other headscarf. “We saw men and women walking together in parks on many occasions and unfortunately we did not see the headscarf,” the spokesperson said.

Afghanistan was under Taliban rule for a year.

Parks were one of the last areas of freedom for women. “We need a place to have fun, it’s about our mental health. We’re tired of sitting at home all day. We’re sick of all this,” said Vahida, who is unemployed like her husband.

Afghanistan, led by the Taliban, remains internationally isolated and receives significantly less foreign aid as the Taliban’s rule is not recognized by most of the world. The economic downturn has driven millions more into poverty and hunger in Afghanistan.

Source: Seznam Zpravy

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