“This announcement marks another milestone in the exceptional investigations into the former president and his allies, and it comes as Trump is working on his campaign to return to the presidency.”observe Politico. The former head of state formalized his 2024 presidential candidacy on Wednesday, despite his candidates’ poor performance in the recent midterm elections.

“So Donald Trump is no longer just a presidential candidate who went through two impeachment trials and refused to admit defeat in November 2020, which led to violence in his path, he is now also a candidate on the Justice Secretary’s radar.”Analyze Time.

Mr Garland assured the press on Friday that he “in the public interest to appoint a special prosecutor”exactly when “Former President nominates for White House” in 2024 and where “the incumbent also expresses an intention to be a candidate”.

Selected Attorney Jack Smith Distinguished Service “political honesty” from Minister of Justice, where he dealt with corruption cases, to joining the Special Court for Kosovo in The Hague, where he investigated war crimes.

DoJ embarrassment

The Justice Department is currently investigating the possible involvement of Donald Trump and his entourage in the January 2021 Capitol storming, as well as the management of the presidential records, while classified documents were seized last January from the former president’s home. in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

“The appointment of a special counsel reflects the embarrassment of the Justice Department, which oversees two of Trump’s most dangerous investigations, and the growing likelihood that indictments will be filed in one case or the other.”judge The keeper.

“Special prosecutors are semi-independent magistrates who can be appointed to conduct high-profile investigations in the presence of a conflict of interest – or suspicion of such a conflict – and at the same time provide the Department of Justice with protection from political considerations. ”adds British newspaper daily.

Trump refuses to cooperate

However, the decisions of the special prosecutors remain advisory and the Minister of Justice always has the last word. “Therefore, Garland reserves the right to dismiss indictments, but any reversal of independent prosecutor decisions must be reported to Congress and will almost certainly cause a political storm.”Explain Politico.

Therefore, some believe that the appointment of Mr. Smith “will help protect the Justice Department from allegations of partisan politics”others think that “Garland shirks responsibility for holding Trump accountable”allocated Vanity Fair.

conservative name Wall Street Magazine belongs to the latter, given that the introduction of a special prosecutor’s office “probably a bug”. For the economic daily, “it will not provide the minister with the political shield he seeks, nor will it change the inherently political nature of any decision to prosecute.” ex-president.

This last point, of course, is Donald Trump’s line of attack, saying in an interview FoxNews what he “won’t cooperate” with the special prosecutor, given his appointment “the worst politicization of justice in our country”as well as “calling the Republican Party to action”.