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Second wave: Putin will continue to mobilize, worsening his military – ISW

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Analysts reported that the mobilization in the Russian Federation continued in parallel with the draft. This negatively affects the training of soldiers.

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Russian authorities are preparing to continue the covert mobilization. This will lead to further overcrowding of the already overloaded formation apparatus of the Russian armed forces. This was reported by analysts from the American Institute for War Studies (ISW).

A new report, St. Petersburg residents began receiving subpoenas in 2023 asking them to report to the military registration and recruitment offices. There are also reports that a new wave of mobilization will begin in December 2022 or January 2023.

State structures and enterprises reportedly continue to prepare their workers for mobilization by sending them to various training programs and mobilization training courses.

Analysts are confident that the potential preparation for a new wave of mobilization in line with the current autumn draft will put significant pressure on Russia’s already overloaded force-building apparatus. Concurrently with the November 1 mobilization, compulsory military service began in the Russian Federation. This will result in even lower quality training for both mobilized soldiers and conscripts, as they compete for inadequate training.

Activities of the Russian Federation in the occupied Ukrainian territory

Russian occupation authorities and forces continue to intensify filtration measures on Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory. The invaders evacuated local residents suspected of pro-Ukrainian activities in Mihaylovka in the Zaporozhye region and sent them to Timoshevka with the help of local collaborators.

Efforts to undermine Ukrainian national identity also continue. The occupying authorities then appointed a Russian citizen from Novosibirsk as the principal of a secondary school in Novoaleksandrovka, Lugansk region. In addition, the occupying authorities forced Ukrainian officials to sign documents renouncing their Ukrainian citizenship.

Also, according to the report, the Russians brought their doctors and trainee doctors to the occupied territory of Ukraine after Ukrainian doctors refused to provide medical services to the wounded Russian soldiers.

Previously Focus reported that experts called the consequences of forced conscription of Ukrainians into Putin’s army. Experts say that Russia can search for Ukrainians living in the occupied territories. However, this will negatively affect the combat capability of his army.

We also remember that within a month, 23,000 prisoners included in the Wagner group disappeared from Russian prisons. There has not been such a sharp decline in the population of Russian prisons since 2010: even in the years when the greatest amnesty was declared and during the COVID-19 epidemic, when less sentences were imposed in the Russian Federation.

Source: Riafan

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