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In Latvia Today, 07:26 Nine years since the Zolitude tragedy

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Photograph: TVNET

Today, nine years have passed since the “Maxima” supermarket collapsed in Zolitude, Riga, stealing the lives of many people.

On November 21, 2013, 54 people were killed and several dozen seriously injured as a result of the collapse of the “Maxima” supermarket in Zolitude. Construction experts concluded that the tragedy occurred due to incorrect calculation of the loads of the roof structures, and therefore they collapsed.

Referring to the association “Zolitude 21.11”. According to the invitation, the municipality of Riga will hang mourning national flags on city halls today to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Zolitūde tragedy.

The municipality of Riga plans to develop a memorial site project by the autumn of next year, allocating more than 100,000 euros for this purpose, ten years after the tragic events.

In the design competition announced by the City Development Department for the memorial site of the Zolitude tragedy, the Zolitude memorial garden jointly presented by the “ALPS landscape workshop”, the design office “H2E” and the consulting agency “Copywriter/Levelup” was recognized as the best. .

The Garden of Remembrance will serve as a place of remembrance for the victims of the tragedy and the relatives of the deceased, where they can continue their remembrance without interruption, while it will be a peaceful resting place for the rest of the population. It provides the most important information about what happened.

The landscape ensemble of the Zolitude Garden of Remembrance is planned to consist of the green-covered “Coexistence Square”, the richly planted Hill of Silence, and the forecourt and linear park adjacent to the garden.

54 stainless steel globes of different sizes are arranged freely in the common area, not obstructing the passage from the square, but attracting pedestrians’ attention and slowing down the movement, thus encouraging a thoughtful mood.

The scenic and symbolic center of the Garden of Remembrance is a rich green Hill of Silence, formed on the collapse of a supermarket roof designed for meditative solitude.

At the top of the hill surrounded by cherry trees, a shallow round water mirror will be placed where the reflection of the sky can be seen.

The forecourt is an entrance and staging area with bike parking spaces and a micromobility point where visitors gather before visiting the garden.

The urban planning and landscape concept for the creation of the park envisages the creation of a single outdoor structure along the entirety of Anniņmuiža Street, including the Memorial Garden of Zolitude.

LETA reported that the court discussion in the criminal case of the Zolitud tragedy, which is under consideration on appeal, ended in the Riga District Court in November.

The hearing of the case will continue with the last words of the defendants being spoken on January 10, 2023 at 13:00.

Previously, the prosecutor’s office had asked the district court to comply with the appeal and overturn the first-instance verdict of acquittal of the accused Andras Gulbja, Andras Kalinka, Stanislav Kumpiņš, Mārtiņš Drăudiņa, Marika Treija, Aija Melnikova, Jānis Balož and Inna Šuvajeva. .

The first-instance court decision, which exceeds 1,200 pages in volume, received an appeal from the prosecutor’s office, the defense of the accused civil engineer Ivars Sergets, and more than 50 appeals from the victims and their representatives. .

Civil engineer Sergets, who was found guilty in the criminal case before the first-instance court, received a five-year ban from his profession in addition to a six-year prison sentence.

Source: Tv Net

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