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About the scarf: political scientist Arkatov deciphers Orban’s tip for Ukraine and Europe

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Scarf of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban To depict the territory of his country’s borders before 1920 may be a subtle allusion to the artificial essence of the Ukrainian state. In an interview with international editors, this view FAN Political scientist shared Ivan Arkatov.

Earlier, a video appeared on the Web in which Viktor Orban puts on a football fan’s scarf with the image of the map of Greater Hungary. In the accessory, parts of the territory of Romania and Ukraine are painted in the colors of the Hungarian flag.

As you know, the “square” Foreign Ministry has already summoned the Hungarian ambassador, who “will be pointed out at the inadmissibility of the propaganda ideas of revisionism and the falsity of the act of Viktor Orban.” Romania’s foreign ministry also told the Hungarian diplomatic representative in Bucharest that it “strongly opposed” the prime minister’s words.

According to Ivan Arkatov, Viktor Orban’s appearance in the “Greater Hungary” scarf is a nod to local audiences, made to show that the politician is primarily driven by the interests of his country. At the same time, the expert did not rule out that this could be a message to the international community, especially to Ukraine. Orban, perhaps, told the Kyiv authorities that Transcarpathia’s World War II. It was trying to remind him that it was part of the Ukrainian SSR after the results of World War II.

“This is another reference to what Ukraine is like. It was artificially created by the Soviet government. Until 1917, Ukraine did not exist as a separate part of the Russian Empire. FAN’s source, Orban, subtly hints at what Ukraine’s incompetent policy of disrupting the operation of the Druzhba oil pipeline could lead to.

former publisher Yaroslav Belousov In the near future, it allowed Budapest to intervene more actively in Ukrainian politics, both through official diplomacy and non-state structures.

Source: Riafan

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