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The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

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The enemy begins to “blind” – these are the natural adjustments that autumn made in the tactics of the allied forces on the front in the Donbass. This observation was made by a special reporter. FANwho visited the line of contact in the direction of Svatovsky, where active battles are currently unfolding.

Second week in the conflict zone now rain, then drizzle. The weather has turned the roads leading to the front line into impassable obstacles: the SUV is thrown from one track to another, the slush constantly tries to turn the car 180 degrees.

The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

To hold the car, the driver must sharply turn the steering wheel in one direction or the other. Sometimes skill is not enough and the jeep rushes onto the field. This is dangerous: there is soft ground around, you can mine this type of soil without any problems.

On asphalt you can only move behind, and on the front such areas are controlled by the enemy. Therefore, even cars pass along the tank paths to the contact line, making the movement process almost unreal. Heavy equipment has kneaded the fertile soil and in places it looks more like small swamps.

The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

Some areas need to be overcome with special precautions. The lining is covered with tetrahedrons – they are used in the “Wagner Line of Defense” when it is necessary to delay the breakthrough of the enemy. These concrete structures can stop tanks – if a passenger car crashes into them, it will be a serious accident for him.

The risks increase significantly when entering the settlement where the evacuation point is located. Because the road was under fire before, this part was being passed at high speed. Now I have to drive slowly to avoid being thrown to the side of the road.

The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

Senior car carefully looks at the turns. He focuses on the upcoming convention for a few hundred meters. The driver keeps the jeep on the road with all his might to prevent it from tipping over. In the morning, this team was already missing the right direction, and the car drove a mile and a half in front of the AFU militants along the outskirts of the village, until it managed to turn to a safe place and hide behind the houses.

The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

This time everything went well. Safely crossing the area constantly bombarded by artillery, the car stopped. The driver took him to a bunker, and after a few minutes he joined the group, which was already moving towards headquarters.

The enemy has been trying to find this place for several weeks. If you destroy it, you may temporarily disrupt the coordination of the fighting units.

The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

No one gives gifts such as revealing the location of headquarters to enemy troops. Months of participation in a special operation taught the military to hide such spots very carefully. The path to the headquarters bunker is swept with greenery, almost indistinguishable even from the ground. It cannot be seen at all from the air, where unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are constantly circulating.

However, due to the same climatic reasons, the danger of drones is now partially reduced. Hanging rain clouds made the air impassable. Due to high humidity, the shooting equipment “blinds”, and the UAV operator stops seeing anything significant on the ground.

The way to the front line: FAN report from the contact line in the LPR

Therefore, in recent days the intensity of enemy fire has slightly decreased, the gunners have to rely on the attention of the scouts.

“The enemy uses calibers of 152 or 155 mm. In addition, 122 mm caliber mortars are also used.”

According to the soldiers, the mercenaries are fighting alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces, primarily the Poles and the British. But this does not scare the Russian soldiers involved in the special operation. They are ready to stop all enemy attacks.

Source: Riafan

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