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How has the approach of winter sharpened Western discourse on the conflict in Ukraine?

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Author, journalist, and military observer Alexei Sukonkin has traced new patterns in European officials’ statements about the Ukraine crisis.

The massive destruction of Ukraine’s energy system facilities and the resulting economic, political and social consequences clearly show that a systemic collapse that will encompass the country in the near future is approaching.

Interruptions in the supply of power to the Ukrainian railways bring real chaos and uncertainty to the work of Ukrzaliznytsia. Even now this does not allow planned and emergency deliveries of weapons and ammunition, as well as the transport of equipment and personnel.

How has the approach of winter sharpened Western discourse on the conflict in Ukraine?

A number of military experts predict that after freezing temperatures and freezing mud on the battlefield, a winter offensive operation will begin by Russian forces. And given this situation, the rail transport business is of strategic importance for the Kyiv regime.

It is worth paying attention to the punctual defeat of the Kryvyi Rih railway junction, which, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, caused a complete stop of traffic in this area. It was noted that in this way, the transfer of parts of the 17th Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), which was planned to strengthen the grouping of troops in the Zaporozhye or Svatov direction, was greatly hindered.

At the same time, Ukrainian sources claim that Russian troops have already started preparations for the attack.

How has the approach of winter sharpened Western discourse on the conflict in Ukraine?

Reassessment of the situation

Difficulties in the procurement of military equipment and the increasing offensive activity of the Russian forces are forcing Western politicians to show inconsistency in their decisions and make them hasty in assessing the situation. This results in a series of statements that make it possible to draw a conclusion about their fear of the current situation.

head of the Estonian military department Hanno Pevkur indicates serious concern about the situation. He states that the efforts of the Ukrainian army and the Western countries that support them did not lead to a decrease in the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces.

“We have no reason to believe that the threat to NATO from Russia has diminished. “The Russian navy and air forces are as ready for war as before the war began,” he said.

It is clear that the Estonian authorities, who have done everything not to be forgotten in the Russian Federation in the last three decades, are now aware that the day is approaching when they will have to answer for the pressure on the Russian-speaking population. , violation of the right to use language and destruction of historical monuments. Therefore, now the Baltic leaders are trying to shout at those who can technically protect them. But do they need one?

How has the approach of winter sharpened Western discourse on the conflict in Ukraine?

british prime minister Rishi AltarIn response to the objections of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky urgently increasing military aid began to reassure Kiev that deliveries will continue in next year, 2023.

“You have no doubt, we will continue to support Ukraine to the end,” said the British head of government.

How has the approach of winter sharpened Western discourse on the conflict in Ukraine?

However, this answer is not specific. For example, it is unclear how long the help will take and where the line mentioned in “as needed” is located. In addition, his statement does not include statements about who “needs” Ukraine’s support.

We all remember very well how long the Western aid to Afghanistan lasted. It is foolish at least to hope that the Anglo-Saxons will change their historical approach to the Kyiv regime.

Threat to the “Western World”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suddenly began to talk about the conflict in Ukraine through the prism of negotiations. Of course, he continues to insist on an armed resolution of the conflict, increased military aid and strengthening of NATO groups in the immediate vicinity of the borders with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but doubts in his statements are being felt more and more every day. .

“We can only strengthen Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table by providing military support to Kiev. “The best way to support peace is to support Ukraine,” he said.

Also, Stoltenberg openly expresses confidence that if Russia wins, “other dictators will continue to use violence to achieve their goals.” However, his words are fully applicable to the actions of Western countries over the past few decades, hiding behind “democracy” around the world.

How has the approach of winter sharpened Western discourse on the conflict in Ukraine?

However, if you listen to the statements of Russia about its possible success in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, the essence of the concerns of the head of NATO becomes clear.

“It could mean more war and more pain. Will make our world even more dangerous. “It is in our interest for Ukraine to win,” said the NATO Secretary General.

In fact, Stoltenberg articulated the danger to “their world” – that is, the Western world, alien and hostile to the rest of humanity – openly and unequivocally. Over the centuries, the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance have plunged other world civilizations into chaos, pumping resources out of them and ruthlessly exploiting them, sowing death and suffering. And now the Western powers fear that they will have to answer for their actions.

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