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EU adopts new rules to ensure passengers “remain disconnected from the outside world” during flights

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The European Union has approved new rules that will allow European airlines to use 5G mobile internet on board planes, so it will soon be possible to “surfing the web” while in flight, the BBC reported.

It is stated in the past that very soon there will be a period when passengers will literally have to disconnect from the outside world after boarding the plane. After all, smartphones have a special option – flight mode, which passengers must activate during the flight.

But now airlines will offer 5G wireless internet on European airlines’ flights, allowing passengers to make in-flight calls and also shorten the time they spend on the internet.

Communication will be provided with special equipment that should be in every aircraft. The so-called “Pico-cell” will connect the aircraft’s onboard system to satellites, through which the signal will be transmitted to each aircraft.

Thus, all smartphone functions will be available – it will be possible to make calls, write text messages, check mail, watch videos, play video games and much more. Passengers are promised that they will not feel the difference in communication quality while in the air or on the ground.

It is stated that a separate frequency will be allocated for calls used in aviation communication since 2008, while it is used for other purposes.

The new rules must be approved by all European Union member states. After the regulation is approved, passengers will be able to use their smartphones on airplanes as well. According to the estimates of the European Commission, it will take place by next June at the latest.

“5G will make it possible to bring people innovative services and new opportunities for European companies,” said Thierry Breton, European Union Commissioner for the Internal Market.

A similar plan was previously considered in the United States, but the regulator there, taking into account security concerns, banned such a plan from being implemented in life. The US authorities said that airlines and flight crews are also categorically against mobile communication during flights, which means that airlines need to develop new rules on the use of mobile communications during flights.

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