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In the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are well aware that China cannot act alone and that all populated regions will sooner or later be affected by the virus, with peaks of infection changing over time. Three years of fighting the disease have taught us that when the battle against the epidemic is won locally, another outbreak is sure to break out elsewhere, resulting in the imprisonment of local residents. [en application de la politique “zéro Covid” imposée en Chine]. In order to break this vicious circle, and restore our daily rights as well as acceptable psychological conditions, we take the liberty of publishing this manifesto on your behalf, on behalf of the students of the Tongji Medical School of the University of Science and Technology from Central China [à Wuhan]and in the name of the masses of which we are all a part.

We are well aware that it was in order to facilitate the work of the Wuhan Municipality in combating the epidemic that we had to give up many rights. For studying Jon Snow [médecin anglais, spécialiste de l’hygiène médicale et précurseur en épidémiologie au XIXe siècle]we know better than anyone the burden of infectious diseases on society. However, all our concessions are a sacrifice when it comes to freedom of access to the campus. In fact, we could easily climb over the entrance gates, climb high walls, cut through fences, break into the university cafeteria for food, and even take off our masks. There were far more of us than the staff that could have been assigned to watch over us!

Eliminate unequal treatment

We make these concessions anyway, because we want to believe that