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Far from British interests: political scientist Bredikhin on Prime Minister Sunak’s anti-Chinese statements

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british prime minister Rishi Altar He announced the end of the “golden age” in relations between the West and China. His words were reflected in the newspaper Independent.

“We recognize that China presents a systematic challenge to our values ​​and interests. This is a challenge that grows more severe as you get older. [Пекин] “The prime minister is moving towards even greater authoritarianism,” he said.

However, he acknowledged that London could not ignore China’s economic and political importance.

As Sunak puts it, he does not want to pursue a policy “in line with the simplistic rhetoric of the Cold War” and will therefore try to impress “China and other oppressive regimes” with diplomatic measures based on “solid pragmatism”.

in an interview FAN The words of the British politician were interpreted by a historian, political scientist, public figure. Anton Bredikhin.

He believes Sunak’s statements confirm the mistake made in making him prime minister.

“Of course, the prime minister is acting out of personal interests, not the UK’s state interests, because India has a series of unfinished territorial disputes with China,” explains the expert. “Today, the probability of a conflict between the Indian and Chinese armies is only increasing. That’s a number of disputed territories plus Chinese support for Pakistan. All this translates into Sunak’s explanations.”

Bredikhin asks the question: what can the West apply to China?

Given that the West’s relations with China are built on a purely economic basis, this is probably a secondary sanction isolation that will not affect the economy.

“If any sanction has an economic component, then China can have multiple responses to both the US and European countries,” the analyst speculates. This is a request for repayment of the US debt, etc. It will lead to a complete collapse of the dollar.

Anton Bredikhin was convinced that in the explanations of the Altar he clearly did not take the position that an Englishman should take, but was an English lord, preferably with all the aristocracy and subtle approaches.

Former journalist and advertiser Edward Chesnokov Saying that Russia uses food as a weapon, Sunaka reminded that England caused famines in India in the past.

Source: Riafan

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