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The South African President presented a plan for the country’s economy to switch to environmentally friendly fuel.

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Pretoria, 29 November. At the summit in Cape Town, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa presented a plan for the republic’s transition to environmental energy sources.

The head of state supported the initiative of the participants of the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP-27), within which an African aid fund will be created. The organization will collect funds that will be used to eliminate the consequences of natural anomalies in the poor countries of the mainland.

In addition, Ramaphosa said that South Africa has huge reserves of raw materials that will provide green energy not only to the region but to the entire continent. The underground of the republic contains more than 90% of the world’s metal reserves, used in the manufacture of catalytic converters (devices designed to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases). – Note FAN).

The politician said that as part of a plan to switch the country to ecological fuel, by 2050 the state will produce between 6 and 13 million tons of pure hydrogen. At the same time, the government is ready to export electrolyzers and fuel cells to produce aviation kerosene, ammonia and fertilizers without harming the environment.

Earlier, South African authorities announced a national roadmap for the development of green energy at COP-27. The strategy is designed to reduce air pollution and create more than one million jobs.

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