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Residents of Russian cities begin to fear bombs

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According to the British newspaper The Times, for example, in the cities of Belgorod and Rostov-on-Don, tens of kilometers from the Ukrainian border, signs were posted with instructions on how to reach the shelter. But people should have seen them in Siberia Novokuznetsk, where alleged weapons industry factories are located, and even in Moscow.

Russian presenter Holod also provides information about the signs, and photos of the signs appear in Telegram.

The Russian exile presenter The Moscow Times, in English, citing the statement of the mayor of Belgorod, adding that in the near future about 700 signs will be placed in the city, and 3,000 should already be installed in Novokuznetsk.

Moscow has accused Kiev of bombing Russian territory several times, but Ukrainian officials do not comment on these accusations. They emphasize that the army will not enter a neighboring country, because then Ukraine will be the aggressor.

Ukraine occupied the territory of Russia several times:

Belgorod and the surrounding villages have repeatedly been the target of Ukrainian bombardment:

The Times reminds us that the American Pentagon is simultaneously considering arming Ukraine with missiles with a range of about 150 kilometers. This was reported by the Reuters agency on Monday, citing sources from the US arms industry.

The Pentagon will evaluate Boeing’s proposal, which proposes the development of a new weapon system specifically for Ukraine. It should be a combination of the M26 rocket engines already available and in abundance in American warehouses, and the inexpensive, smaller, precision-guided bombs GBU-39.

The United States initially refused to supply Ukraine with the requested 300-kilometer-range missiles, arguing that Kiev could use them to bombard Russia’s interior, escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington. Currently, the maximum range of Ukrainian artillery (with HIMARS rocket launchers) is about 80 kilometers.

According to Reuters, these new weapons, denoted by the acronym GLSDB (Small Diameter Launched Bomb), could start flowing into Ukraine in the spring.

Washington has not yet commented. However, the two-day summit of foreign ministers of NATO countries, whose main topic is expected to be greater support for Ukraine, begins in Bucharest on Tuesday. The first press conference is expected in the afternoon.

The Moscow Times reminds us that last month The Village server published a report on the arrangement of new signs of anti-aircraft shelters in the city, citing its resources in Moscow City Hall. Earlier, according to the Moscow Times, Russian independent media also reported that about 16,500 bunkers will be deployed across Russia, and their location has been kept secret until now.

Source: Seznam Zpravy

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