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The House of Representatives approved the training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Czech Republic.

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On Tuesday, the House of Representatives decided that Ukrainian soldiers should remain in the Czech Republic for training purposes. It also approved the sending of Czech troops to train Ukrainians in other member states of the European Union and the deployment of two other foreign missions in Kosovo and Iraq. The government’s proposal still needs to be considered by senators. They have to confirm on Thursday.

According to earlier information from the military committee, the training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Czech Republic will take place in the Libavá region, will concern mechanized troops and special professions.

According to the government document, five four-week tours are required by the end of next year, each of which may include up to 800 Ukrainian soldiers.

The exercise is based on a bilateral agreement between the Czech and Ukrainian governments. In the future, it should be transferred under the aid mission of the European Union, which, according to the documents, will be able to return part of the costs, estimated at 975 million crowns, to the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic must also allocate a maximum of 55 persons to work in the territory of other EU member states in the mission’s command structures or instructor positions. The aim is to train up to 15,000 Ukrainians, mainly at its base in Poland.

The Assembly also approved the extension of Czech participation in the mission in Iraq, where 20 Czech soldiers could take part in the NATO mission in 2023 and 2024. Czech soldiers are still active in the country.

The new task will be to send up to 40 military police to Kosovo, where from July 2023 to December 2024 they will work in an Italian gendarmerie unit.

Source: Seznam Zpravy

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