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AbroadYesterday, 17:55 Power outage in Estonia: no electricity in the hospital in Paide

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Due to heavy snowfall and winds for the past few days, power outages have occurred in Estonia, and Yervamäs Hospital in Paide city center was without power on Tuesday.

The local newspaper “Jarva Teataja” reported that 1117 customers, including the local hospital, the “Maxima” store, several other companies and households, were cut off in Paide on Tuesday.

Kilvar Mand, the chief physician of the hospital, confirmed that the hospital was plunged into darkness. Electricity is provided by generators in the emergency department, but it is not possible to provide electricity in this way in the whole building.

Mands informed that all the operations planned for Tuesday until the power outage have been completed and there is no emergency operation yet. Patients who need emergency surgery are allowed to be sent to other hospitals.

“Currently, no patient’s life or health is in danger due to the power outage,” said the chief physician of Yervamäs hospital.

On the island of Saaremaa, schools and kindergartens were closed on Tuesday due to power outages caused by the snowfall, but on Wednesday most educational institutions will start working again. In some educational institutions, classes will not be held on Wednesday either, because the buildings have been without electricity for several days and the rooms need time to warm up.

Estonian distribution system operator “Electrilevi” reported Tuesday morning that 4,000 customers were left without electricity, two-thirds of them on the island of Saaremaa. Electricity supply is scheduled to be brought back to the mainland on Tuesday and to the Estonian islands by Wednesday evening.

The number of households in Estonia, which reached 13,000 on Monday morning, was left without electricity at 7,000 on Monday evening.

Heavy snowfall and wind in Estonia that started on Friday evening caused power outages.

Source: Tv Net

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