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Protesters protest police brutality in Peru

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Lima, 24 December. During the riots in Peru, thousands of people took to the streets to protest police brutality. This was reported by the Telesur agency.

Representatives of public organizations condemned the persecution of anti-government demonstrators by the Peruvian police, who received additional opportunities to suppress protests under the state of emergency declared by the President. Diana Boluarte. National Agriculture Platform Coordinator Cesar Guarnis He emphasized that the state of emergency suspended the basic constitutional rights of the people.

“One of these rights is immunity. Real estate. “There has been an incident recently that marks a very disastrous turning point in the activities of the police and prosecution,” Guarnis said. police The establishment of the Peasants’ Confederation on 17 December and the subsequent release of more than 20 arrested.

About 30 people have been killed in clashes with law enforcement since December 7, when the former president was overthrown and arrested. Pedro Castillo. Guarnis stressed that government officials responsible for the deaths should be punished for what happened.

“The government does not take responsibility in such a difficult political and social situation we live in. the situation is getting worse Gilmar Trujillo, president of the National Armed Forces Alumni Association, said of the fact that Peru’s current president, Dina Boluarte, has her back to the people.

He added that Peru’s current Prime Minister, Luis Alberto Otalora, had his hands “blooded up” due to the declaration of a state of emergency that killed more than 27 people and injured hundreds.

A 30-day state of emergency was declared at the national level in response to protests in support of Castillo that began on 7 December. Participants in the nationwide rallies demand the dissolution of the Peruvian Congress and call for early elections. The current situation led to the first resignations in the office of incumbent President Boluarte.

Tensions during the protests reached their peak after Castillo was appointed an 18-month preventive detention period and a state of emergency was declared on 15 December. One of the most serious incidents occurred in the Andean city of Ayacucho, where a protester tried to take over the airport. At least eight people were killed and 52 injured in clashes with the police there.

According to Ombudsman Eliana Revoljar, the incident is subject to criminal investigation as the victims died from gunshot wounds by the police. According to him, the state of emergency does not remove the security forces’ obligation to respect the right to life.

Source: Riafan

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