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Crime news Today at 10:10 am, a criminal case against a father who sexually abused his three children is in court

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The prosecutor’s office filed a criminal case with the Zemgale Regional Court of Justice against the father who sexually abused his three children.

The man is accused of committing acts of a sexual nature to his two children, who are under the age of 16, taking advantage of their desperation, in order to satisfy his sexual desire by making physical contact with the victim’s body. trust and authority. She also seduced her third child, who was under the age of 16, and dragged her into adultery.

According to the decision on the transfer of the criminal case to the court, in the first months of 2022, besides the fact that he was alone with one of his underage children and no one interfered with his illegal activities, using his authority and the victims trusting him as a father, engaging in sexual activities against their will.

The defendant threatened the children, saying that if they did not accept their demands, he would hand out photos of the children in their underwear or that he would rub a dog on them. The defendant used his phone to film his sexual activities with children and stored the recorded videos on his phone.

The sexual integrity, virtue and normal physical and mental development of the victims were threatened as a result of the accused man’s unlawful actions.

The accused does not admit his guilt for committing the crimes against him.

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