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12:16 Today in Latvia “Vislatvijas” distance learning secondary school accredited, once created by “vaccine skeptics”

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The State Educational Quality Service (IKVD), after a longer evaluation, has accredited the distance education high school “Vislatvijas”, which was once created by “vaccine skeptics” and also sets deadlines for the elimination of identified shortcomings. , according to information on the IKVD website.

Both the IKVD and the accreditation expert commission evaluated the operating quality of the “Vislatvija” secondary school according to the criteria defined in the regulatory laws. The commission of accreditation experts found that since the establishment of the school, it has made significant work on creating a distance education material base and teaching staff, as well as creating a distance education system.

During this period, various recommendations given to the school during the consultations were taken into account and the deficiencies noted in the previously adopted decision on the rejection of accreditation were corrected.

At the same time, deficiencies were identified in the accreditation process, in the documentation of school activities, in the regulation of cooperation with students and parents, in the identification of students’ knowledge and previously learned content, and in the assessment of learning. achievements, in the self-analysis of school work. As a result, the school has specific deadlines for operational improvement.

IKVD emphasizes that it will continue to monitor the development of school activities, including ensuring that any deficiencies identified within six months are remedied. In case of non-fulfillment of the task, the possibility of cancellation of accreditation will be evaluated.

The IKVD reports that an accredited educational institution can hold and administer state exams and issue state-recognized educational documents.

It was reported that the IKVD last year refused to grant a general education program license to the “Vislatvijas” secondary school.

The licensing of the programs was refused at that time, as the IKVD found that the information entered by the educational institution in the State Educational Information System did not meet the requirements set in the regulatory laws governing the field of education, for example, secondary education. the school did not comply with the state standards of basic education and general secondary education, as well as the regulations of the Cabinet on the procedure for the implementation of the general basic education program and the general secondary education program in the form of correspondence and distance learning requirements for the implementation of general education programs in distance education.

Although the IKVD has not licensed the school’s curriculum, the creators of “Vislatvijas táltvijas vyduskusula” have already enrolled children there.

At one time, the portal “lsm.lv” reported that those who oppose restrictions and vaccinations related to Covid-19 decided to set up their own school, where children would not have to worry about restrictions or vaccination against Covid-19. He would study at home on the computer.

Source: Tv Net

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