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Rescue operation in Dnipro, Ukraine: “There is little hope that some are still alive”

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Firefighters and rescuers in Dnipro, Ukraine, continue to clear the rubble of a residential building and search for survivors of the Russian missile attack. There are dozens of dead, injured and missing. But their survival prospects are slim. We discuss the current situation in Dnipro with the Ukrainian correspondent of Czech Radio, Martin Dorazín.

What will you hear at 5:59 in today’s episode?

  • What happened in the Ukrainian Dnipro? And what does the situation on the ground look like right now?
  • Why is the city one of the strategic points of the war in Ukraine?
  • And what weapons are some Western countries planning to send to Ukraine in the near future?

The attack on a residential building in Dnipro, Ukraine has already claimed several dozen lives. Rescue efforts are underway in the area, but the chances of any survivors in the wreckage were already slim on Sunday, according to mayor Borys Filatov.

According to the mayor Borys Filatov, the target was probably not a residential building but a nearby thermal power plant. Even Dorázin admits this. But it doesn’t matter what the target is, because Russia should not launch missiles at Ukraine. This is a crime in itself,” he said.

The tragedy was most likely caused by the Russian Ch-22 missile, a Soviet-made weapon ready to be used against US aircraft carriers in the 1960s. According to the local Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian army does not have a system that can shoot down such a missile.

Russian soldiers already used it during the war in Ukraine. For example, it hit a shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine last June, killing at least 20 people.

The supply of modern weapons?

Other cities in Ukraine such as Zaporozhye or Kupjansk were also bombed over the weekend. These attacks also claimed lives and destroyed the energy infrastructure, which was primarily targeted by Russian soldiers.

Weapons supplies from the West could help Ukraine in its defense. The UK has announced plans to deliver Challenger 2 tanks, and the Baltics or Poland have decided to ship modern Leopard 2 tanks to the country instead of outdated technology, but they are awaiting re-export approval from Germany, where the machines are located. manufactured.

“Poland is extremely progressive in this regard. I think that if the situation continues to deteriorate, I think it will not look back on commitments. Poland is actually in danger because the war is taking place on its own borders,” explains Dorázin.

On the 5:59 podcast, you’ll also learn how the weather has affected the situation in war-torn Ukraine, or how the morale of Ukrainian soldiers is after almost a year of conflict. Listen to the audio at the beginning of the article.

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