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IMF to give $105 million to Haiti to fight hunger

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Port-au-Prince, January 24. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Board of Directors has approved $105 million to help Haiti tackle severe food shortages. This is reported on the official page of the organization.

Funds from the IMF’s special food program will assist the Caribbean nation suffering from a humanitarian crisis with its “urgent balance of payments needs”.

“Record inflation has increased Haiti’s vulnerability and increased the suffering of the country’s population already affected by severe malnutrition,” said Deputy Director General Antoinette Sayet, pointing to the impact of the Ukraine crisis and anti-Russian sanctions.

Funds will be diverted to help those most affected by rising prices through food programs, cash and distribution of food to the most vulnerable households.

IMF representatives stressed that Haitian authorities must properly monitor, track and report on all costs associated with the program to ensure proper use of funds.

As the country grapples with multiple disasters at the same time, $105 million is in line with the expected funding gap in 2023.

Against the backdrop of a political vacuum, an ongoing criminal gang war, a critical socio-economic situation, a cholera epidemic, record fuel prices and galloping inflation, Haitians are in an extremely difficult situation. Gang members regularly interfere with humanitarian aid or block supplies in ports.

The US and Canada have already imposed sanctions and sent armored vehicles and other military equipment to help Haitian police suppress gang violence. However, Ottawa and Washington can’t agree on which country should take responsibility for this. The US government hesitates to lead the mission because of Haiti’s intrusive past.

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