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Nigerians march against rising university tuition fees

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Abuja, January 24. Parents of Nigerian students took to the streets to demand the resignation of Lokoji University (FUL) vice-chancellor Olaiemi Akinwumi amid rising tuition fees.

Protesters gathered in the main building of the university. The leader of the demonstrating group, Moses Abraham, said in an interview with reporters that the leadership of the educational institution had unreasonably inflated prices amid the crisis in the country.

Before the innovations, the tuition fee for the Social Sciences and Arts program was 55,000 naira per year. After the reform initiated by the vice-rector, the amount reached 183,000 naira.

Prices have also increased for dormitory accommodation and a range of textbooks. The head of the university public relations committee said that the price increase affected all educational institutions in the country in one way or another.

Previously, representatives of opposition parties in Nigeria had criticized the government for its failed fiscal policy. Senator Dino Melaye, a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), said that the measures approved by President Mohammadu Buhari did not improve the country’s economy, but also worsened the crisis.

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