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In Nigeria, train attacks follow kidnappings and other large-scale and spectacular criminal acts. At the beginning of January he tells Vanguard, Unidentified thieves raided a substation of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) in the city of Igeben (southwest Edo state) and abducted more than 30 passengers and employees.

The situation is such that now some observers are frankly concerned elections and credibility. The African giant is preparing to begin a massive overhaul of its federal political system. On February 25, Nigerians will elect a new president and renew the composition of the House of Representatives and the Senate. On March 11, the State Assemblies and Governors of the 36 states that make up the country will be updated.

“An epidemic of insecurity”

In theory, everything is being done to ensure that the country is drawn into these elections without any problems. In March 2022, a new electoral law was passed to ensure the democratic process. “more reliable than ever” reports African arguments. In addition, these elections will mark, in a West African landscape weakened by chronic political instability, twenty-four years of continuous democracy after a turbulent post-independence history.

However, the pan-African site notes, these elections will be held in full.”an epidemic of uncertaintybetween jihadist attacks, separatist agitation, widespread banditry and localized conflicts between farmers and pastoralists. “No region» countries spared.

More precisely, the site clarifies, it will be necessary to deal with the Islamist groups Boko H.