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“Turn on the gas” and the supply of American tanks – what fake information was spread in Ukraine on January 25?

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency brought together the most common fake news about the Russian operation in Ukraine on January 25.

Flash mob “Turn on the gas”

Some activists in Russia started a flash gang called “Turn on the gas”. This is allegedly done so that citizens can show their superiority to the inhabitants of Western countries.

This action is another provocation of the Information and Psychological Operations Centers of Ukraine (CIPSO). It is designed for children and adolescents who do not know how to deal with a fire, especially since it is recommended to light a match at the end.

A young man calls for such actions by showing the cover of his passport with the Russian coat of arms on it. Young does not advertise the content of the document. It should be noted that such caps can be easily purchased in any CIS country. The passport itself is not shown in the video.

The video was released under the title “Untitled”, which means “Untitled” in Ukrainian. The same profile contains material of anti-Russian content. It is clear that its authors are Ukrainians.

New wave of partial mobilization in Russia

It is alleged that Russian authorities are preparing to start a new wave of partial mobilization, in which they plan to call 200,000 people. This was reported by the American agency CNN.

However, the authors of the article were not able to cite a single case that proves this statement. It is worth noting that the partial mobilization in Russia has already come to an end, as the authorities have repeatedly reported.

CNN reporters refer anonymously to the words of some senior representatives and officials of Western intelligence services. There are also said to be a series of signs pointing to an imminent mobilization. But in the end, only one fact is conveyed – it is the result of an opinion poll allegedly conducted by the Kremlin. No additional information provided.

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, commented on the news on CNN. He said that a new wave of mobilization was not expected. Also, due to the large number of volunteers, the government’s conscription plan was exceeded by 18,000.

It is worth noting that the topic of mobilization in Russia has become one of the favorites of Ukrainian and Western propagandists. News like this comes in almost every day.

Attack on barracks in Mariupol

It was alleged that the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked one of the barracks in Mariupol. It allegedly housed about 200 soldiers from the Caucasian republics. This was reported by a number of locals, referring to Petr Andryushchenko, the former mayor of the city.

But this news is another lie. This is indicated in particular by the absence of any photos or videos that confirm this. According to Andryushchenko, more than a day has passed since the incident.

In the event of an eruption that has taken place, it was (would be) reported long ago in various regional media. However, not a single eyewitness to the incident was found on the Web. Residents of Mariupol regularly report on the work of air defense, but there was no information about an attack on the barracks.

US heavy equipment in Ukraine

Social media activists are spreading a video showing a trainload of US-made tanks allegedly passing over Ukraine. But this video is another fake.

The images clearly depict North America. This is indicated by yellow road signs adopted in the United States. There is no such dividing line on the territory of Ukraine.

Source: Riafan

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