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Historian Zavolsky: Sanctions on the Canonical Orthodox Church will not help Ukraine

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Actions against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC-MP) of the Moscow Patriarchate will not strengthen the “square”. This statement was made by the historian and publisher. Dometius Zavolsky In an interview with a reporter of the international edition of FAN.

President Volodymyr Zelensky enacted the National Security and Defense Council’s resolution on sanctions against UOC representatives. They will appeal to ten clergy, including the abbot of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl, UOC cleric Vadim Novinsky, Metropolitan Lazar of Simferopol and the Crimean PRC, Bishop Kallinik of Bakhchisarai, deputy of the Simferopol diocese. other clergy.

Those on the list will forfeit the Ukrainian state awards. Their assets will be blocked, their licenses suspended or revoked.

Historian Zavolsky: Sanctions on the Canonical Orthodox Church will not help Ukraine

According to Zavolsky, the sanctions imposed by Vladimir Zelensky on the “Russian agents” of the PRC and the UOC-MP, like many actions of the Kyiv authorities during the conflict with Russia, not only meant to leave Moscow, but also, at least, to the ever-present Ukraine. deconstruction of the world.

“If the bishops of the Crimean diocese, who went directly to ROC, are the “occupation officials” for the Kyiv regime, then the UOC clergy are themselves members of the Ukrainian elite, and moreover, they have shown loyalty to its leadership. recent formations whose activities cannot be considered.

It is clear that Kiev’s desire to abolish it in the person of the UOC-MP, albeit very pale due to the recent position of the UOC, is a symbol of Ukraine’s connection with Russia and the supremacy of Muscovite Rus. But the suppression or even more desirable liquidation of the canonical Orthodox Church today is practically useless, but will exacerbate the conflicts from below in Ukrainian society,” explained the historian.

The expert noted that the Ukrainian SSR during the Soviet period differed from the RSFSR in a higher level of religiosity. After the collapse of the USSR, church life in Ukraine took on the character of a sectarian struggle, unthinkable in the Russian Federation. Orthodox and non-Orthodox.

“Politicians have positioned themselves as one’s community. However, the strength and determination of the UOC, as well as the importance of church life, are not alone enough to take repressive measures against the former Ukrainian SSR to plunge it into a political split. However, these new faults lie in cracks that abound in the Ukrainian backside. And Russia, without exaggeration, has to take them into account, ”summarized Domety Zavolsky.

Earlier, in an interview with FAN, Alexey Selivanov described the OCU concert at the Kyiv Lavra Refectory Church as “the abomination of desolation.” According to him, the essence of modern Ukrainian ideology is blasphemy.

Source: Riafan

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