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Entertainment technology that has become a serious weapon of war in Ukraine

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FPV drone. explanatory photo Photograph: Unsplash
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Russian bloggers who support the barbaric war in Ukraine began to complain about a new and very interesting weapon in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers, FPV drones. How has this entertainment technology become a weapon of war and what are its prospects?

According to Forbes, drones have long been used for many purposes other than surveillance and reconnaissance. Gradually, commercial and entertainment technologies adapt to the needs of war and become a cheap but highly accurate force. It is the combination of efficiency and affordability that makes these drones indispensable.

There are many videos on the web that show how effective drones are in combat for a variety of simple tasks. However, these drones are not all that is needed in modern warfare, as they are effective at destroying unarmed targets.

War is getting more and more dynamic. Russian tanks and artillery are mobile and not fixed targets. Enemy performs multiple attacks with different battlegroups. It also requires new decisions regarding mobility and easy accessibility.

What is FPV drone?

FPV – First Person View. This technology has become widespread among competing drones. The technology requires the pilot to use special glasses to control them, rather than a tablet or smartphone. The drone of this technology has a special shape and minimal assembly, equipped with very powerful engines.

The advantage of this type of drones is that they can be controlled very easily and have very high maneuverability, as well as being able to travel a route at high speed very easily. At other times, the maximum speed of these drones can even exceed 200 km / h. Therefore, they are very difficult to spot and stop – these drones are fast, but maneuverability gives you complete control over them. Therefore, it is the most suitable candidate for the destruction of various targets.

There are a number of commercial FPV drone models produced by well-known brands such as DJI. They are quite expensive, starting at $1000 in the basic set. Therefore, homemade airplanes, which are often used for racing, are much more popular. Because the drone is simple and not complicated to make, it is a very accessible technology.

FPV functionality combined with high speed allows it to perform tasks that other commercial drones cannot track and destroy.

As early as December, video of fast Ukrainian drones tracking Russian military equipment went viral. There are quite a few videos of this type now, and they can attack almost any target – even a single soldier or a technical unit.

One of the Russian propagandists, creating frontal supplies, admitted that during an attack, Russian sub-units were greatly weakened by Ukrainian FPV drones, which destroyed Russian infantry vehicles. Another propaganda channel “Telegram” reported that FPV drones are truly a powerful weapon in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Signs of panic appeared in the circles of Russian military bloggers – if this technology becomes more common among Ukrainians, it could cause serious complications for invaders on the battlefield.

Why do FPV drones scare Russians so much?

One of the advantages of this technology is its price. For example, the average price of the cheapest FPV drones in Ukraine is around 330 euros. That’s at least five times less than commercial DJI Mavic models used for exploration.

Since this is a disposable drone, it does not come with expensive cameras and other equipment. A fully equipped FPV drone can cost around 500-600 euros, which is essentially the price of an artillery shell. However, the artillery charge does not always reach its target.

According to public videos, FPV drones are used by at least two Ukrainian subunits. In order for their production to be more mass-produced, they must be produced in several thousand copies per month. This could theoretically also have a significant impact on the course of the war, and Ukrainian forces are well aware of this. The Russian side also understands that FPV drones are “not toys”.

What is the role of FPV drones on the battlefield?

Given that the front line is narrow and there can often be less than a kilometer between the positions of the two sides, FPV drones can be particularly useful. Their disadvantage is the relatively short flight distance, but in current conditions they are maximally effective even at a short distance.

If such assets are found in sufficient quantities at each stage of the front, they can significantly impede the attacking abilities of the enemy.

Current Russian tactics are based on small and dense assault groups of 10-20 soldiers and small groups of armored vehicles. Tanks and artillery bombarding Ukrainian positions also cause problems. Often they are individual and moving targets that are difficult for conventional artillery. To destroy these targets, artillery consumes a large number of means of destruction and a large number of shells, which are problematic in conditions of scarcity.

Prolonged presence of artillery in one spot is also problematic, given that it can destroy the enemy’s artillery installations.

FVP drones can reduce the number of shells used to destroy a small group of opponents several times, and also allow you to wait for the moment of attack and perform it unnoticed.

It can be a very effective and accurate way to destroy moving targets ahead. It is a mission that infantrymen are currently carrying out at the cost of their lives.

Source: Tv Net

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