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In Latvia Today at 1:38 PM The government supports the naturalization of 68 persons of Latvia

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Republic of Latvia passport and identity card or electronic identity card (eID) prototype. Photograph: Eddie Palen/LETA

On Tuesday, February 28, the Council of Ministers supported the naturalization of 68 persons, including five underage children, to Latvian citizenship.

Of the applicants for citizenship, 77% are Russians, 19% are Belarusians, and the rest are representatives of Lithuanians, Poles and other nationalities.

Of those who apply for citizenship, 11% have basic education, 44% have secondary education and 44% have tertiary education.

In the next few days, new citizens will receive a mail notification from the Board of Citizenship and Immigration Affairs (PMLP) containing the most important information about regulation possibilities, as well as information about a person’s naturalization. passport of a new Latvian citizen.

PMLP reminds you that once a person is granted Latvian citizenship, their legal status has changed, so the previous passport of a non-citizen is no longer valid for travel within the country or abroad.

Since 1995, 148,858 people have been granted Latvian citizenship through naturalization. Last year, 518 people applied.

To become a Latvian citizen by naturalization, one must apply to any regional department of the PMLP, regardless of place of residence.

Persons who have proven that they know the Latvian language, and who also successfully pass the basic provisions of the Constitution, the text of the national anthem and the Latvian history knowledge test, are granted Latvian citizenship.

Source: Tv Net

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