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FAN Everywhere: What Happened in Eastern Palestine, Ohio?

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Writer Telegram channel “AmericanNumber 1 describes how the chemical disaster became a part of US politics.

The news of a February 3 train accident with dangerous chemicals near the town of East Palestine (i.e. East Palestine) in Ohio does not appear in the editorials of the American media.

Almost a month after this train disaster, it continues to slacken by moving from the “Events” section to the “Politics” section – the US Republican Party is actively using the environmental disaster to attack its political rivals.

Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg, one of the Democratic Party’s key candidates for the US presidency in the 2024 election, has already fallen into the hot hands of Republicans. There is more time for the elections, but the politicians are starting to prepare for the elections and the media is choosing the main candidates. Find out more about the event and its impact on US domestic politics in the new episode of the FAN Everywhere podcast with the author of American Number Telegram.

The FAN Everywhere podcast can also be listened to on Yandex.Music, VK podcasts, and mobile apps.

Source: Riafan

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