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In Latvia Today at 10:01am Latvia plans to send troops to a peacekeeping operation in Lebanon

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Photograph: Eriks Kukutis, Ministry of Defense

Latvia plans to send troops to a peacekeeping operation in Lebanon. The Ministry of Defense has prepared a draft of Saeima’s resolution on the dispatch of National Armed Forces (NBS) soldiers to participate in the UN international operation in Lebanon (UNIFIL) during the period specified in the UN Security Council resolution.

UNIFIL’s mandate is renewed annually by the UN Security Council at the request of the Lebanese government. Currently, the mandate sets UNIFIL to work until 31 August 2023. According to the operational plans, UNIFIL will continue its activities after August 2023.

In March 1978, the said operation was launched in Lebanon with the UN Security Council resolutions.

The primary mission of the operation is to monitor and confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the southern lands of Lebanon, to restore international peace and security, and also to provide support to the Lebanese government to regain strength in its own territory.

In addition, with the UN Security Council resolution in 2006, six articles were added to the mandate of the operation.

The first point is to monitor the cessation of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon and the second is to accompany and support the Lebanese armed forces deployed to southern Lebanon, including along the Blue Line, after the Israeli armed forces’ withdrawal from Lebanon. .

Third, the coordination of the activities mentioned in the previous points between the Lebanese and Israeli governments, and fourth, the provision of assistance for the civilian population to access humanitarian support and monitoring of voluntary and safe return. of displaced persons

Fifth, it is to support the Lebanese Armed Forces in taking measures to keep unauthorized armed personnel and weapons out of the area between the Blue Line and the Litani River. Sixth, the mandate is complemented by providing assistance to the Lebanese government at its request, by securing its borders to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons and weapons into Lebanon.

UNIFIL’s missions are carried out by 10,122 peacekeepers from 48 countries. The highest contributors are Indonesia, Italy and Nepal.

Considering Latvia’s common goal of being a candidate for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council in 2025/2026/2027, it is necessary to work towards more active participation in UN peacekeeping efforts.

Participation in operations and missions is one of the most visible means to increase Latvia’s visibility. Participation in UN operations supports the image of Latvia as a serious and reliable partner in strengthening international peace and security and developing international relations in accordance with international law.

In support of its bid to run for a position on the UN Security Council, the Department of Defense has the mandate to encourage more active participation in UN peacekeeping operations, so the Department of Defense has worked on identifying and evaluating such opportunities. Evaluating the scope of UN operations and their danger, security and deployment of operational partners, UNIFIL was identified as one of the aspects of engagement.

Participation in this operation will not only contribute to the achievement of the goals of international cooperation, but also strengthen the cooperation of the NBS with the Italian Armed Forces at the operational and tactical level and provide invaluable experience in a new operational environment.

The status of UNIFIL forces in Lebanon is determined by mutual agreement between the UN and the Lebanese government.

As partners for the successful and effective integration of UNIFIL, the Ministry of Defense and NBS have identified Italy, an existing UNIFIL member.

Currently, the Ministry of Defense and NBS, in collaboration with the Italian Armed Forces, are identifying the practical details that will be needed to enable NBS to participate in the UNIFIL field. As a result, it is planned to conclude an agreement between the Latvian and Italian defense ministries on Italian support of NBS on security issues.

The actual participation of NBS soldiers in the operation will take place after Saeima’s decision and the completion of the necessary preparatory measures for the NBS troop to begin participation. NBS’s initial engagement was planned with three staff officers. Later, as the UN Security Council elections approach, the NBS contribution is planned to be expanded with an infantry detachment of around 30 soldiers.

Source: Tv Net

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