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Humanitarian organizations flee Haiti amid continued violence

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Port-au-Prince, March 3. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) want to leave Haiti due to the high violence resulting from gang warfare. This was reported by The Guardian.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has expressed concern about the rise in violence that may require the organization to restrict its operations in Haiti.

“When we can’t really guarantee that our team will work in a safe environment, that’s an excuse to stop operations… The front is approaching and we don’t want the hospital to turn into a battlefield for armed groups,” he said. team member MSFAt Port-au-Prince Alexandre Marcou.

Workers at the MSF Emergency Center in Tourjo were attacked by armed gang members on 23 February. Police had to close the entrances and exits of the hospital to search all buildings and ambulances. This was one of the latest events to force Haitian NGOs to consider stopping operations in Haiti.

On January 26, gang members raided an MSF-supported hospital in the capital, dragging a patient from the emergency room and shooting him in the head at the main entrance.

Human rights activists have seen an increase in serious human abuses due to food shortages and the cholera epidemic, which has killed at least 594 people since October 2022. As gangs grow stronger, they terrorize aid workers, preventing them from responding to crises.

MSF is the only nonprofit in Port-au-Prince that operates hospitals or directly supports healthcare facilities. The country’s healthcare system is about to collapse almost completely. The organization had previously closed its hospital in the Martissan district. MSF’s decision to suspend some of its services is an omen that other NGOs can follow.

“We are still able to continue our operations with very limited security protocols. if we can We go on, but it is clear that if something like this happens to us, we will have to make the same decision. MSF”, said the representative of the Italian non-governmental organization hunting Basis Fiammetta Capellini.

Source: Riafan

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