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Today in Latvia, 10:36, women only wrote the world dictation VIII in Latvian without errors

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The VIII world dictation in Latvian is written only by ladies without errors. Photograph: promotional photo

The eighth world dictation, which took place on the 15th October National Day of Languages, was written without errors by 13 of the 1,739 participants, this time revealing that only women can write dictation perfectly.

Photograph: Eighth World Dictation, October 15, 2022

The Latvian VIII world dictation took place on 15 October and was written by 1784 participants, but was not accepted for revision because the 45 participants’ dictations were incomplete or written without diacritics. Of the 1,739 accepted works, 13 were written without errors, while in 114 works the number of errors was minimal – one to three. However, the highest number of errors in one study was 260.

Among the most popular misspellings were, as always, misspellings of the preposition, omission of consonant loss in forms of the verb to break, and incorrect ending of the personal name James.

The VIII world dictation in Latvian is written only by ladies without errors.
The VIII world dictation in Latvian is written only by ladies without errors. Photograph: promotional photo

It is only natural that only women write the dictation without errors, because similar to other years women were much more active participants than men, meaning over 80% of all participants were women, while men were only slightly over 18 years old. %. Among the youngest dictation writers were 11-year-olds, but the most experienced participant was a 92-year-old lady from Mārupe. It is also known that at least one participant wrote the dictation on his birthday.

Although the results were scheduled to be announced at the end of last year, an unforeseen technical glitch occurred that prevented collection of online paper results for a long time. The organizers of the dictation apologize to the participants for the delay and hope that this will not be a reason not to participate in the next dictation, which will take place in the autumn.

The eighth world dictation text in Latvian was created by Latvian writer and journalist Osvalds Zebris and was dictated by actor and director Gerds Lapoška on 15 October in the Ziedoņa Hall of the Latvian National Library.

Source: Tv Net

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