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Fuel prices are rising in Riga but falling in Vilnius and Tallinn

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Last week, fuel prices rose in Riga, while they fell in Vilnius and Tallinn, according to data compiled by the LETA agency in the capitals of the Baltic states.

During the working weekend, the most expensive petrol was in Tallinn, followed by Riga, with the cheapest petrol in Vilnius. On the other hand, the highest price of diesel was in Riga and the lowest price in Vilnius.

At the “Circle K” gas station on Krasta Street in Riga, the price of 95% gasoline increased by 3.7% to 1,674 euros per liter, while the price of diesel fuel increased by 2.5% to 1,644 euros per liter. .

In Vilnius, at the “Circle K” gas station on Savanorju Avenue, the price of 95% gasoline fell by 2.5% to 1,529 euros per liter, while a liter of diesel fuel costs 1,559 euros, 0.6% less than a week . before.

On the other hand, in Tallinn, where fuel prices have not changed for about a month before, the price of 95% gasoline at “Circle K” gas stations decreased by 2.3% to 1,689 euros per liter on Friday, while the price of diesel fuel fell faster – 6.5% – up to 1,589 euros per liter.

In Riga, the price of autogas rose 3.9% to 0.795 euros per liter, and in Tallinn it fell 2.7% to 0.71 euros per liter, but in Vilnius the price of autogas remained unchanged and paid 0.622 euros per liter on Friday.


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