“Oil to the fire”. Here, according to Weather, effect on “movement that began to revolve in a circle” To “transition to parliamentary power” Emmanuel Macron with the application on Thursday, March 16, Article 49.3. Like many publications in the international press, the Swiss newspaper is closely following the mobilization against pension reform in France.

And as you can see Evening, “social anger doubles” in connection with the turn that the protests took on March 16 and 17, in particular in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, where gatherings were banned on March 18 by the police headquarters. “The risk of violent slippage hangs over spontaneous gatherings this weekend,” anticipates the Belgian newspaper daily. As a result, “The worst-case scenario is not ruled out – a violent fire fueled by indignation,” continues Eveningwhich recalls that this weekend, March 18 and 19, many demonstrations and various and varied protests are expected, before consideration on Monday of a vote of no confidence taken by the opposition in the government of Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne.

The near future is more uncertain than ever, analyzes Weather. Because “A growing number of observers note that this social movement seems to go beyond pension reform. Thus, a downgrade of France, the impact of inflation on purchasing power, and even a certain mood of the population after the upheavals caused by the pandemic, would become a source of repeated and widespread anger.

yellow vests

So France “in combat mode” counts even in spain radio MANAGE, while from UK, Time warns that“an outburst of popular anger of the same type that sparked the ‘yellow vest’ protests in 2018” announced by many observers. Same feeling in Argentina where the portal information calling in France “on the brink of an unprecedented crisis after the start of the yellow vest uprising..

This anger, which “personal hatred” against President Emmanuel Macron, “these last years smoldered under the ashes”, remind him Corriere della Sera. Pension reform woke him up, article 49.3 sparked, and now, launches an Italian newspaper, “Paris is on fire”.