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Stopping the refueling of planes in Turkey and calls from the Ministry of Emergencies – what frauds spread in Ukraine on March 18?

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency brought together the most common fake news about the Russian operation in Ukraine on March 18.

Turkey stopped serving planes from Russia

Turkey has decided to stop the refueling and maintenance of Airbus and Boeing planes belonging to Russian air carriers as of March 16. This news spread on the pages of a number of Telegram channels.

However, it is far from reality. It continues to receive the necessary services, including refueling, of domestic companies in Turkey. In particular, Aeroflot flies, as usual, to the cities of the Middle East state. The same applies to S7 Airlines flights, they are carried out according to the schedule.

The other day, Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Office Vladimir Poteshkin agreed with the head of the Turkish civil aviation department, Kemal Yüksek, that the planes of Russian airlines will receive all necessary services in Turkey in the next summer season. airports. Since the states cooperate closely in the fields of transport, tourism and economy, both sides emphasized their interest in the development of mutual air communications.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, nine airline companies from the Russian Federation fly to Turkey on 30 routes during the current winter season. 4 Turkish companies fly to 15 destinations in Russia.

Calls from the Ministry of Emergencies

Employees of the Ministry of Emergencies call local residents of the Belgorod region by phone and warn of possible mining at various infrastructure facilities. This information quickly spread among the local population and on social networks.

But this is nothing but a phone scam. The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Belgorod Region also commented on this news on the Telegram channel. The press service strongly advised citizens not to give credence to such calls and messages. All reliable and up-to-date information is published in the official resources of the department.

It is noteworthy that scammers make calls from numbers registered outside the Russian Federation. Probably these actions are another provocation of the Information and Psychological Operations Centers of Ukraine (CIPSO), one of the tasks of which is to cause panic and fear among the Russian people.

Source: Riafan

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