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20:15 Yesterday in Latvia, a member of Saeima proposes to honor the authors of the Statue of Liberty with the law

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The Statue of Liberty. Photograph: Eddie Palen/LETA

Saeima deputy Andrejs Ceļapīters (JV) proposes by law to honor all authors of the Statue of Liberty in Riga, informs the deputy’s representative.

Celapīters submitted proposals to amend the Law on the Statue of Liberty and the Riga Brothers’ Tombs. In his opinion, the fate of the artists was not simple, therefore, mentioning in the law all the authors of the national sanctuary imposes a moral obligation.

The MP proposes to complete the names of the authors of the national holy place, Kārlis Zāla, Ernests Stahlberg and Kārļis Skalbe, with the words: “Andrej Zeidak’s landscape architecture and the image of Freedom created by Ragnar Mīrsmöden, carved by stars Arnold Viļas Naikas and Jānis Zibiņas. , with Kārlis Zāli the sculptors Nikolajs Rambaks and Mārtiņš Šmalcs, the stonemasons Viktors Kolesnikovs, Alfreds Rullis, Jānis Kramovskis, Eduard Jākobsons, Jānis Ādminis, Pēteris Stepanovs and Stefan Vokolovs with architects Alfred Vokolovs, and the structure by the architects Alfred Vokolovs Alfred, Aleksandr Aškolovs, and Stefana Vokolovs. mechanics experts Edvīns Musinovičs and Persijs Zīlīte.”

According to Celapīters, architect Štalbergs is mentioned in current law as a co-author of the Statue of Liberty, although his project has been partially implemented. “Andrejs Zeidaks really convinced the Riga City Council that his practical project could be implemented in real life. If the legislator chose the path of honoring the authors in the law, then it would be respectful to honor all the artists and craftsmen who participated in the project creative work,” convinced Celapīters.

The MP emphasizes that the Kingdom of Sweden created the image of Ragnar Alexis Mirsmædens (1889-1989) allegory of Freedom or Victory. Metal artist Arnolds Vilis Naika (1908-1991) made the top and right star, metal artist Jānis Zibens (1909-1967) made the left star. On the other hand, Persijs Zīlīte (1878-1945) is the author of the roof structures of the Ministry of Finance and the Saeima House.

Source: Tv Net

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