Donald Trump’s message, written in capital letters, fell at 7:26 am: “WIDE FAVORITE CANDIDATE OF THE REPUBLIC [à la primaire de la présidentielle de 2024]AND THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK. PROTEST, RETURN OUR NATION! ”

If the former president, speaking on his social network Truth Social, does not name the reason for his possible “to arrest”, NPR reports that New York State Attorney Alvin Bragg is actually considering “Accused Trump of paying money to porn actress Stormy Daniels”with whom he would have an affair and whose silence he wanted to buy.

“Trump is mired in several court cases, but the Daniels case, dating back to 2016, is the oldest of them all.”, clarifies public radio. The $130,000 payment was made during the 2016 presidential campaign by Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, which the billionaire later paid back to the company.

accusations “must be related to the incorrect description of the payment in his company’s books”where it is displayed as “legal services”also for “violation of the election spending law”even “Several experts question the legal basis of this accusation”details FoxNews.

“Pure authoritarianism”

Many media outlets highlight the weakness of the file. Hill goes so far as to qualify the case as “legally pathetic”recalling that at the federal level the Department of Justice has waived prosecution, as has the Electoral Commission.

Not left that “Any accusation of a former president who is seeking re-election in 2024 would be a historic first and will quickly change the political dialogue around an already divisive figure.”COMMENT CNN.

Two relatives of the former president, interviewed Washington Post, “They assured that they do not know exactly when and even whether charges will be brought against him. In recent days, his lawyers and advisers have warned him of a possible arraignment early next week, possibly Tuesday, but they don’t know why he chose that date in his message..

But for Atlantic Ocean, the question of the day of the billionaire’s arrest is anecdotal. Trump’s real message “Sent to the American people today, couldn’t be clearer: I’m too dangerous to be arrested”. Regardless of the accusations “He warns us plain and simple that he will break the law if he wants to, and that if you don’t like him, you can tell the hordes that he can summon whenever he wants to. This is pure authoritarianism.”regrets magazine.

“Political benefit”

Fact, “Mr. Trump’s message this Saturday, calling on his supporters to demonstrate and take back the nation, is unmistakably similar to the inflammatory messages he posted online in the weeks leading up to the attack on the Capitol.”in January 2021 highlights New York Times.

For New Yorkerex-president “Seems to almost brag about the possibility of being charged”what he takes as proof of the place “still central” which she occupies in the life of the country. Moreover, this “smart enough to achieve political gain”notes the magazine: “He will still be able to say that he, like his loyal supporters, is a victim of contempt and persecution by the elites”.

Very conservative National Review also believes that Trump’s indictment “make him bounce in the polls”. But journalist Andrew McCarthy sees this primarily as a trap for Democrats, who have a vested interest in Trump winning the Republican primary, knowing that “that he is incapable of winning a national election”.

“Bragg’s apparently biased claims are Trump’s asset in the primary race”he analyzes. “And I suspect that much more than a guilty verdict from the court, that’s exactly what the prosecutor and his Democratic friends are after.”.