Radio Farda – On the day you were released from prison, you said that “anyone, anywhere, take a step forward”. What did you mean? What steps can be taken in a situation of total repression?

Keyvan Samimi – I meant that talking and analyzing the situation is not enough. We must turn words into actions by taking daily steps, each in their own way, in their own field, or by combining collective action. All of these steps that we will take can be translated into real strength and thus give the people more room to maneuver in the face of strength. [autocratique] who only bows [contre-]power. Today there is an imbalance of power between the people and the regime. He suppresses with every means at his disposal. And that puts aside the argument. The authorities do not hear the complaints of people in a weak position. Therefore, strengthening the power of the people is needed today more than ever. By taking these individual and collective steps, and above all by mass mobilization in the streets, we will force the regime to choose between bad and worse. [pour lui]even if we all know that dictatorships are hardliners and cling to power until they fall.

You have been in prison for many years. What difference did you see in society after liberation?

I saw that the situation had completely changed. In particular, to stop people from being afraid. That the great wall of fear had been broken. That this fear even crossed over to the other side. Through this rebellion, the people concretely saw that they could resist oppression.