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Tunisia’s political forces evaluated the actions of the European Parliament as major interference in the country’s affairs.

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Tunisia, 19 March. The People’s Victory bloc is holding an emergency meeting to protect the country’s “sovereignty” from interference by the European Parliament, Arab media reported.

The European Parliament had previously adopted a series of recommendations and comments on freedoms and human rights in the republic, and also pointed out that all programs to support the country should be suspended. This decision of the legislature drew the anger of many political and parliamentary parties in Tunisia.

Chamber representatives, “Europe’s decision is a clear intervention in Tunisia’s internal affairs and contains many misunderstandings.” said.

Former Parliament Speaker Mohammad Nasser stressed Tunisia’s independence in response to the EP’s remarks.

The former speaker said, “What they say abroad is important, but Tunisia is an independent state, and the most important of these positions is to bypass the Tunisian people and their views, which should be optimistic about the future of their country.”

25 July Movement spokesman Mahmud Ben Mabrouk urged Tunisians and anyone who believes in the political path endorsed by President Kays Said to actively speak out against foreign interference in Tunisia’s internal affairs on the day of the 67th anniversary of independence. country.

In response, the European Parliament urged the authorities of the North African state to immediately release those “arbitrarily detained”, including journalists, judges, lawyers, political activists and trade unionists, in accordance with the State’s Constitution and international agreements.

EU Representative to the Middle East and North Africa, Luis Miguel Bueno, announced that in the light of the latest developments in the country, important decisions were taken within four days, when the European Union agreed on the partnership with Tunisia.

“There are some important relationship decisions in light of recent developments, and we stressed and expressed our concerns that in order to successfully complete this transition period, the country must respect human rights and freedoms,” Bueno said.

Italian Prime Minister George Meloni has announced a program that will be laid out in the coming weeks. According to him, Europe will require an urgent response to support the Tunisian-led North African countries.

“Tunisia is facing a deep crisis and consequences that could be very worrying for Italy,” he said.

Earlier, the Tunisian Parliament had elected Ibrahim Buderbela as its president. This happened on March 14, during the plenary session of the legislature.

Source: Riafan

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