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France prepares for new protests against Macron’s pension reform

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Paris, 21 March. The French prepare for new large-scale protests against the announced pension reform Emmanuel Macron. Another climbing round took place after the deputies did not dismiss the government. Elizabeth Is Born failure of the vote of confidence.

As it was learned the previous day, the opposition did not get the necessary votes while the issue was being discussed in the Parliament. The resignation of the Council of Ministers was supported by 278 of the 577 deputies, nine less than the required number.

Thus, lawmakers could not prevent the president’s decision to pass a new bill, which would be passed by bypassing the legislature.

France prepares for new protests against Macron's pension reform

After the no-confidence vote failed, thousands of Parisians took to the streets expressing their disagreement with the president’s policies. Calls for “mass protest mobilization” began to circulate on social media.

Against this backdrop of ongoing demonstrations, accompanied by riots and clashes with the police, Macron’s approval rating has dropped to record lows. According to the results of opinion polls, 65% of the country’s citizens support strikes against the announced reform.

France prepares for new protests against Macron's pension reform

In response, police representatives warned that law enforcement officers were tired of their constant duty and could not fulfill their duties fully.

“We’re not sure we’ll be able to deal with the worst when the riots start,” the police union said.

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