“Organizing a referendum is risky” recognized by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese during a press conference held on Thursday, March 23, in Parliament. In general, these are failures. Really falls Age, out of 44 consultations aimed at amending the constitution, only eight were approved. “But those present here cannot wait,” resumed the head of government surrounded by Aboriginal leaders.

“It’s just not possible. They’ve been waiting for so long.”

The announced referendum, due to take place at the end of the year, will focus on one issue: “very simple”, according to Anthony Albanese, several excerpts from the intervention are reproduced in a video posted online Guardian Australia. “A bill to amend the Constitution to recognize the Indigenous peoples of Australia by giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voting rights. Do you support the proposed amendment?

Recognition and consultation

If a majority wins, an estimated 900,000 self-identifying people of Australia’s 25 million people could be represented through the advisory body. Parliament as an executive body could request the opinion of this body on issues relating to Aboriginal people, the site notes. News. Basically a constitutional amendment. “would consolidate two basic and simple principles: recognition and consultation”, adds News.

According to Anthony Albanese, this would also allow Australia to embrace its history, in particular the white majority’s violent past towards Aboriginal people. “My role is to transform the country. There is nothing more important in this transformation than an amendment to the Constitution to recognize our history in its entirety.” so said the leader of the Labor Party, quoted Age.

“This is my wish for all Australians. We will have more conscience if we implement this project.”

According to polls, about 60% of Australians support this constitutional change. But that support is waning, and the initiative could be in jeopardy in the next few months. Can the prime minister return? “The answer is no” he decided. However, it increases Century, “we saw the burden that weighed on the prime minister, the hope of success and the horror of failure.” A voice strangled by emotion, Anthony Albanese committed: “Not putting this issue to a vote is tantamount to capitulation.”