Asteroid 2023 DZ2 will fly very close to Earth on March 25. However, do not be afraid that a rock with an estimated diameter of 42 to 94 meters, which makes it city ​​killer – “city killers”, as we call asteroids, theoretically capable of destroying a city on impact, do not come to us.

Such celestial bodies often fly around us, but the size of 2023 DZ2 makes it one of the largest asteroids that approach us so close. “According to NASA, an event like this only happens once a decade.” letter USA Today. Discovered last month by the La Palma telescope (Canary Islands, Spain), 2023 DZ2 was first cataloged as a potential threat, and then, after successive measurements, the danger was quickly eliminated. So, in an American newspaper, we learn that 2023 DZ2 will pass by the Moon. Saturday (US time) and“In a few hours, it will fly over the Earth at only 168,000 kilometers, according to NASA.

A proximity that will allow curious astronomers and hobbyists to observe the passage of 2023 DZ2 with a small telescope or binoculars. For those who miss the rendezvous, the asteroid will reappear in the vicinity on April 4, 2026.