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Bolivian president calls for ‘lithium OPEC’

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Sucre, March 24. President of Bolivia Louis Arce He called on Latin American countries to form an alliance of lithium producers to protect the interests of suppliers of the strategically important metal.

According to the politician, this association could act as an organization of OPEC oil-exporting states coordinating efforts to maintain market stability. With his statement, Arce supported his Mexican colleague, who had taken a similar initiative before.

“We need to dominate the market with prices that benefit our economies, and one of the ways already suggested by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to consider some form of lithium OPEC,” said the Bolivian leader. Don’t speak at La-Pace.

president of bolivia

He explained that the goal is to position Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Peru as “potential advocates of new forms of energy storage that will allow us to move away from fossil fuels.”

The high demand for lithium, which is used in the production of automobile and electronic equipment batteries, has caused metal prices to rise up to 85 thousand dollars per ton.

At the same time, Arce expressed concern about foreign interference in the lithium business, particularly from the United States.

president of bolivia

“We do not want our troops to be targeted by Southern Command, and we do not want this to destabilize democratically elected governments or cause foreign interference,” he said.

Previously, Washington has repeatedly expressed “concern” over the activities of China, which is expanding its presence in Latin America to increase the production of the mineral, one of which is lithium.

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