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Bosses believe a return to face-to-face work will improve work culture: The data proves them wrong

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In 2020, when the world fell in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, remote work was introduced in workplaces where possible. Now, three years later, the pandemic seems to be in the past, which means that it is necessary to consider returning to “normal”. That’s why more and more companies around the world maintain a hybrid working model by setting mandatory face-to-face working days.

It is stated that company managers emphasize that face-to-face working helps to work more efficiently, and that it is much easier to communicate with colleagues and exchange new ideas. After all, working in an office is considered vital for the creation of various innovations as well as more effective collaboration. That’s why Disney CEO Bob Iger and Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that to achieve better face-to-face results, you need to work four working days a week.

Opinions are divided on how to better work remotely or in person. There are people who support the return to offices, but there are also employees who prefer to continue working remotely. There are surveys that say the majority of employees see flexibility in the workplace as a huge advantage. This helped to significantly improve the work culture in the company. Therefore, the question arises – can the idea of ​​​​company managers returning employees to face-to-face work be successful?

Source: Tv Net

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