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Criminal news Yesterday, 19:29 Video Case filed for alleged distribution of child pornography transferred to judicial prosecution

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According to the Latvian Television program “Dienas zīna”, the Latvian Prosecutor’s Office has handed over a case regarding the distribution of underage pornography, in which a teenager ordered to initiate criminal prosecution.

A then 15-year-old teenager was sued for encouraging the two girls to produce pornographic material that they could later sell to third parties.

TVNET reported that the teenager was detained and recognized as a suspect.

The teenager promised to pay the girls for making such material, which he did not do. The person obtained information about the bank accounts and cards of his acquaintances in order to personally attract the money he received for the photos and videos.

State Police (VP) representative Armands Lubarts told the program that the teenager compelled young women to create child pornography – to shoot nude pictures and nude videos with the aim of selling the obtained material to third parties on the Internet.

In this process, it was learned that there were about 25 customers, 76 transfers were made and more than 500 euros were received from these transfers.

The vice president noted that the 25 clients could not be identified, but that it is not unlikely that some action could be taken against them in the future.

Source: Tv Net

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