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AbroadYesterday, 14:16 Residents of occupied Mariupol began to be evacuated from the micro-region that Putin visited

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Photograph: AFP/SCAN

According to Verstka’s report, residents of the new micro-district “Nevsky” in Russian-occupied Mariupol have begun to be evicted from their allocated residences just one week after Russian dictator Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol and its apartment complex.

Their eviction from Nevsky apartments is actively discussed by residents in the closed-door chat room. “Verstka” gained access to publicly available information in this chat room.

Reportedly, Putin was in Mariupol on the evening of March 18 and the night of March 19. During the visit, Putin visited the “Nevsky” micro-region, where, according to the Kremlin, he talked with local residents who bought new apartments to replace those that were previously destroyed.

Independent journalists have previously called the neighborhood “Nevsky”, almost the only restored place in Russia’s formerly destroyed Mariupol.

Residents are already being evicted from the housing complex.

“A certificate of ownership is not issued until the legality of the allocation of the apartment is verified. One of the residents of “Nevsky” in the chat room “Nevsky”, if suddenly it turns out that the residents have another house, evictions are already taking place.

He claims he could have been evicted from the housing complex as a result of an error by the housing inspection commission.

“In any case, this is some kind of stupidity – first you make people happy with housing, and then you get it,” another resident wrote.

When Putin had previously met with the residents of “Nevsky”, in the background “This is not real! This is all a spectacle!”

The screams were also initially heard in the official video released by the Kremlin, but the video was later censored.

Source: Tv Net

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