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At 13:30 yesterday in Latvia, the water level in several rivers rose significantly

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Amata river in spring. Photograph: Eddie Palen/LETA

According to hydrologists from the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology (LVĜMC), the water level in Amata, Tirza and Pededze has risen by 47-83 centimeters (cm) in the last 24 hours.

It rained the other day, so the water level in the rivers in the eastern part rose faster. The water level has started to rise in the rivers in the western and middle parts, and in some basins of these rivers, floodplains and low areas are still under water. The river floodplains and lowlands of the eastern part continue to be more widely inundated.

A yellow warning for high water levels in rivers is in effect until Tuesday, March 28.

In the Daugava from Piedruja to Jēkabpilij the water level rises 12-29 cm per day. In the upper reaches of the Daugava, ice cover remains, along the Suraj river there are coastal whale belts, but near the Ulla river there is ice.

In the rivers of the Daugava, Gauja and Salaca basins, the water level rises 1-38 cm per day, while in Amata near Melturie, in Tirza near Lejasciema and Pededze near Litene, it rises 47-83 cm.

The water level decreased or fluctuated in most of the Kurzeme and Zemgale rivers, but in Užava, Riva, Barta and Durbe the water level rose 21-42 cm due to the effect of the rains.

The weather is expected to warm up in the coming days, but rain is also expected. In river basins in the eastern part of Latvia, river flow will increase faster. The LVĜMC hydrologists predict that the water level will rise, floodplains and lowlands will be more widely inundated.

In late March and early April, frost is expected at night, then the inflow of water into the rivers will stop somewhat, the flow of the rivers will decrease and the water level will decrease.

There is still ice in the lakes but it is losing its strength, so it is dangerous to be on the ice.

Source: Tv Net

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