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Abroad Today, at 10:512, a drone was found that crashed with explosives in Piamasska

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Photograph: Screenshot from the video

An explosive-laden drone was found in the Moscow region on Sunday, Russian media “Meduza” reported.

As reported by the Russian propaganda agency TASS, citing sources in law enforcement, the drone was found in the Noginsk region, near the garden cooperative “Zarja”.

It was reported that the drone split into two due to the impact of the collision.

According to the TASS source, the wreckage of the drone was taken for examination. An appraisal study is planned to determine who launched the UAV and where it flies.

By the way, the publication “Baza” gives more detailed information.

According to the information provided to the publication, the crashed plane was found by a local resident who went to the forest to bury his dead cat.

He did not report his finding to the police, fearing that he would be punished for illegally burying an animal.

The woman decided that the falling drone was someone’s toy. He took photos of the UAV and posted the photos in the chat of the garden cooperative she.

One of the members of this chat reported the drone to the police.

“Baza” also claims that the aircraft was equipped with 17 kilograms of explosives.

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine last February, there have been several reports of drone strikes or accidents in various parts of Russia.

While Russia blames Ukraine for these events, Ukraine has not officially admitted its involvement in such operations.

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